Sunday, 3 November 2013

CeX Review - Splinter Cell: Blacklist

“Sam Fisher returns to the shadows once again in a fresh Splinter Cell game that acknowledges the series’ heritage while simultaneously moving it forward. Variety in gameplay, intense campaign action and a wonderfully thought out multiplayer experience brings Splinter Cell back with a bang (silenced of course).”

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CeX Review - Pikmin 3

“Nintendo’s cast of crazy alien critters return after a long wait for another intriguing adventure filled to the brim with exploration, wonder and glee. Very little mimics the sense of excitement you have traversing an alien planet so it’s a delight that Pikmin 3 makes your steps into the unknown wholeheartedly entertaining.“

CeX Review - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

“The video game industries favourite brothers return once again for another devilishly charming, quirky and fun RPG experience in what has now become one of Nintendo’s staple role-play franchises.“

CeX Review - Project X-Zone

"Famous faces from Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega join forces in this intricate and strategic role-play adventure. Like yourself, these characters may very well be far out of their comfort zones, but they adapt and conquer the battlefield in a completely new manner."

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CeX Review - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

"Brimming with colourful characters and charming gameplay, Animal Crossing: New Leaf encompasses everything Nintendo stand for – carefree, endearing and fun gameplay that just about anyone can enjoy."

CeX Review - The Last of US

"Thrust into a world of anguish and decay, PlayStation 3 owners should prepare for an emotionally overwhelming experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish."